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Why Choose SiteCheck Home Inspections?

SiteCheck is all about service and quality. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality reports and service to homebuyers, sellers, agents, and real estate investors in the Long Island area.

We will consistently deliver the best customer experience, provide a high quality and easy to read inspection report, be on the forefront of innovation, and uphold our unwavering commitment to ethics, expertise and excellence in our profession.

At SiteCheck, we will inspect your home as if it were going to be ours. We strive to uphold our reputation for excellent and timely service, high-detail inspections, and delivering you a home inspection report that gives you the insights you need to make a smart decision.

The real value is the SiteCheck Inspector’s ability to observe and properly identify the safety hazards and concerns of the systems and structures of the home you are considering purchasing.  During the inspection process we:

  • Label the Component
  • Identify the Condition of the Component
  • State the Implication of the Condition
  • Recommend the Correction for the Component
  • Follow the Code of Ethics
  • Follow a Standard of Practice
  • Use a proven system backed by years of experience to Inspect your home.
  • Use Software as a tool to explain the condition of the home.
  • Identify precise maintenance recommendations specific to your property.
  • Licensed & Professional

    New York State Licensed Inspectors

  • Quality Report

    Easy-to-read, modern, timely report so you know which issues to address immediately.

  • We have the tools

    SiteCheck’s inspections are performed and reported using only today’s latest technologies.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We provide the highest quality reports for your investment.

  • Over 15 Years Experience

    We’ve been in the contracting and remodeling fields for over 15 years.

  • Follow-up Support

    We make ourselves available for any questions you might have during or after the inspection process.

Most importantly, are they licensed?

This may seem like common sense, but there are contractors out there that operate without a license and proper insurance day in and day out. A potential buyer’s first task when choosing a home inspection company should be to research the inspector’s license number. If it is a valid license number, the next thing you should do is check with the New York State Department of Licensing, to make sure the inspector is clear of any violations. Many times, the process of buying a home becomes so overwhelming that the buyers don’t give much thought to the Home Inspection; one of the most important parts of the home buying process. It is important to spend some time and do your research, making sure to qualify your Home Inspector in order to avoid the potential for undiscovered problems with the property down the road. Furthermore, once you are sure the Home Inspectors license is valid and clear from violations, you need to make sure the Inspector or inspection company is Qualified. Anyone can go through the steps and testing required to get a home inspection license, but that doesn’t mean they are Qualified to perform Home Inspections right pout of the gate. It takes years of industry experience to be able to recognize the shortcomings of the home systems which are inspected. Experience is something that SiteCheck Home Inspections carries with them to each and every inspection.

When a qualified paint contractor is called to do work on a home, the first thing they must do is identify the failing paint systems.  They then work backwards to understand why they’re failing and to locate the source before attempting to repaint a soggy exterior door molding for example or refinish a cracking kitchen ceiling with a bathroom a floor above it.  To guarantee that the paint job does not fail again, they must be absolutely certain that the source of the failure has been corrected.  Many of the repairs they can perform themselves under their contractor’s license, but for others such as plumbing, electrical, mold, rodent, etc , they lean on their network of licensed contractors to handle the job.  In this process, there is a constant evolution of their home systems knowledge.  Leaking air handler drip pans, old roof flashing, hydronic baseboard past its serviceable life, these are a few things we’ve seen that have caused major problems in homes which make themselves identifiable through failing paint finishes.  With 20 years of combined Paint Contractor experience, we’d like to think we’ve seen it all (but we know we haven’t).

When you are interested in a house that is getting a lot of buzz on the market, the last thing you want to have happen is for the Home Inspector to call and say he cannot make the inspection, or even worse, just not show up. When you are waiting for the results of the home inspection to decide whether or not you want to go to contract on the property, your home inspector better show up! Call around; ask them for some references and past customers, the home inspector should be more than happy to provide you with a few.

The answer should be two and half to three hours. If a Home Inspector says he can inspect the average home in under an hour, watch out! The old saying “haste makes waste” could not be more true here, and unfortunately, the person that pays the price for a rushed low cost inspection is the home buyer who gets a substandard inspection. If your Inspector is going to do the job in less than hour, he better have a good explanation of how he plans to do that.


Dominick and Vincent Inspecting a home in New York

Dominick Rocco

Owner/ Inspector
NY Home Inspector License #16000097532

Dominick was raised in Glen Cove, Long Island by parents that taught him the virtue of life. He learned the fundamentals of dedication and hard work by watching his father own and operate a landscape business to provide for his family of seven. As a teenager and landscaper himself, Dominick learned to respect a person’s home and property. He learned the principles of morality, to work hard but smart, and to put forth maximum effort no matter the task. He eventually married his high-school sweetheart and passed these valuable lessons unto their two beautiful children where they will continue to be strengthened for generations to come. Shortly after his years as a landscaper, his experience as a high-tension lineman and third rail electrician taught him the principles of electricity, which are all too often taken for granted. As he progressed through his career, he continued to study the technologies that drive our lives forward in business and community. He’s gathered professional training and hands on experience with alarm systems, electrical wiring and network systems integration, home renovations and construction, painting, plumbing, roofing and a host of other home systems that have broadened his knowledge base. Dominick understands that buying a home is a life investment that will be with you and your family for years to come. He’s dedicated to providing you the very best home inspection, drawing from his lifetime of experience and his own home inspector training. He is organized, detailed, professional and ready to help you!

Related Experience
  • Owner and Operator

    CertaPro Painters

  • Home Design & Construction
  • Home Repairs
Sitecheck Home Inspections, Long Island, New York - Buyer & Seller Home Inspections

Vincent Rocco

NY Home Inspector License #16000097520

Vincent Rocco grew up on Long Island, graduating from Northport High School and attending college at New York Institute of Technology; graduating with a BFA in Television and Film. After graduation he began working in Manhattan for a film production company where he learned many valuable lessons from the fast-paced reality that we know as New York City. He was making it work, good at what he did, but he was missing working with his hands. He made the decision to leave the New York City based production company to work alongside his father as a foreman for one of his CertaPro Painters Franchises. His five years of experience working on the interior and exterior of homes exposed him to many of the same issues that home inspectors are faced with every day during inspections. From there, Vincent transitioned to a product specialist role on the supplier and manufacturer side of the mining sector. His carrier in the mining industry has strengthened his practical knowledge of single and three phase high voltage electricity and both high and low voltage automation systems. He has remodeled two homes and has a vast understanding of home systems; ranging from electrical to property drainage.

Related Experience
  • Field Operations Manager

    CertaPro Painters

  • Home Design & Construction
  • Home Repairs

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